Members of AmCham Engage with U.S. International Development Finance Corporation (DFC) Representative, Unlocking DFC Potential and Business Collaboration Opportunities in Albania

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In collaboration with the U.S. Embassy, the American Chamber of Commerce hosted an enlightening session featuring Mr. Walter Jones, Director of Invest...

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AmCham Establishes Working Group Focuses on Resolving Sector Business Challenges


The healthcare system and the issues it poses for businesses operating in this sector, including pharmaceuticals, hospital services, medical equipment...

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Innovation: Pioneering the Business Landscape – Insights from the Digital Committee


The Digital Committee’s experts have conducted a comprehensive analysis of the recent survey on Artificial Intelligence (AI) distributed among A...

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We are hiring – Digital and Innovation Coordinator

we are hiring

About American Chamber of Commerce in Albania (AmCham): The American Chamber of Commerce in Albania (AmCham) is a private, not-for-profit business ...

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CCBS  presents the first sustainability report, for a certified and pragmatic approach to social responsibility

An official document presented that verifies the company’s commitment to a sustainable future, with a path based on investments and best practic...

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The American Chamber of Commerce Engages in Talks with the Deputy Minister of Finance on Enhancing Tax Legislation


The leaders of the American Chamber, including President Grant Van Cleve, Executive Director Neritan Mullaj, and the Chairwoman of the Tax and Customs...

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Open Days at the Faculty of Foreign Languages, AmCham Envisions Professional Development for the Workforce


AmCham filled a dedicated space at the Faculty of Foreign Languages’ Open Days event, using its business members to communicate their insights a...

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The American Chamber of Commerce celebrates the year-end holidays with its members and collaborators.


In a spirit of celebration, the American Chamber of Commerce recently observed the year-end holidays, bringing together its members, collaborators, an...

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The Global Entrepreneurship Week brought Minister Ibrahimaj and AmCham leaders to the table


The Global Entrepreneurship Week provided an engaging platform for discussion during the Working Breakfast at the American Chamber of Commerce, featur...

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The American Chamber of Commerce discusses with experts during Global Entrepreneurship Week on: Cybersecurity and Defense Strategies


“Global Entrepreneurship Week,” organized by the Ministry of Entrepreneurship, has engaged the American Chamber of Commerce in hosting a f...

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