AmCham discusses businesses’ issues with customs

In continuing a tradition of AmCham Albania holding regular meetings with the General Directorate of Customs in 2022, AmCham Executive Director Neritan Mullaj said at the meeting that the chamber welcomes the constant dialogue it has with the customs administration. Customs Director General Genti Gazheli and his technical staff participated in the meeting, which was […]

AmCham Albania President Enio Jaço’s remarks at the Annual Media Conference 

Thank you to all of you for your interest in the AmCham Annual Press Conference, especially to the journalists who have had continued interest in the progress of AmCham’s work.  There are two important topics on which I will focus briefly, and then I’ll open the floor to  questions and answers. First, the focus will […]

AmCham and HR experts discuss specifics of working with Gen Zs and Millennials, How to offer a sustainable future for the workforce

The Gen Zs and Millennials have their own generational characteristics in the labor market and HR departments need to be attentive in addressing their specific expectations. The Labor and Ethics Committee of the American Chamber of Commerce in Albania worked with Deloitte Albania to organize a Business Forum on “Challenges and Opportunities Presented by a […]

AmCham holds discussions with the Office of the Commissioner for the Right to Information and Personal Data Protection, Using the proper mechanisms for efficient public consultation

In its 2021 Investment Agenda, the American Chamber of Commerce in Albania made concrete recommendations that aim to increase the transparency and quality of stakeholder representation in the public consultation process for new laws. In the context of these recommendations, the implementation of the Law on Public Consultation was the topic of discussion at a […]

The Labor and Ethics Committee meeting

Labor and Ethics Committee ‘experts in an open discussion on shaping the future events that offer members capacity building for their staff, the latest labor market trends, and cooperation’s opportunity between business and universities to help educate a qualified labor force. Committee discussions focused on developing activity in collaboration with Deloitte in June, on measuring […]

Investment Council relies on AmCham’s recommendations on public consultation effectiveness

Being effective in the implementation of the law that guarantees public consultation was the focus of a discussion led by AmCham Albania President Enio Jaço at a meeting of the Investment Council, called specifically to discuss the topic. “There is currently a platform that serves as a good start to the public consultation process. But […]

AmCham’s experts discussing on the Income draft law

A draft bill amending the Law on Income, on which the American Chamber of Commerce in Albania has made recommendations through its Investment Agenda, has not yet been submitted to business organizations for comment, and the delay in formally presenting this important draft law to citizens and businesses has raised concerns over the effectiveness of […]

Intellectual Property Day brings AmCham  professionals together, Startups and protecting innovative ideas

“Startups and intellectual property as an engine of innovation and economic development” — a workshop organized by the American Chamber of Commerce in Albania, the Legal, Regulatory and IPR Committee brought together the expertise of the best specialists in the field and representatives of institutions that draft and enforce intellectual property legislation. In the framework […]

AmChams in EU, Fostering transatlantic cooperation

A delegation of AmChams in Europe executives and other AmCham representatives from more than 30 countries in Europe and Eurasia attended the annual U.S. Conference in Washington, DC, and Raleigh, North Carolina, to visit state officials, governmental institutions, and some of the most prominent companies and universities. AmChams in Europe acts as a bilateral voice […]