20 Years with AmCham Albania – Networking Event

Dhoma Amerikane nderon anëtarët e parë 20 vjet anëtar i Dhomës Amerikane 20 vjet anëtar i  AmCham Albania, është sigluar në emblemën simbolike që Dhoma Amerikane i ka dhuruar 20 anëtarëve të parë të saj dhe që vazhdojnë të jenë pjesë e Dhomës. Ceremonia që nderonte jo thjeshtë prezencën dhe bashkëpunimin e tyre 20 vjeçar, […]

AmCham representatives meet with the head of AKBN

Oil and gas sector: Navigating business operations and regulations The American Chamber of Commerce in Albania held a meeting with the head of the National Natural Resources Agency (AKBN), Executive Director Adrian Bylyku. Discussions focused on opportunities for institutional cooperation in the oil and gas sector, which is important not only for domestic businesses but […]

Albanian Securities Exchange, AFSA, Grant Thornton and AmCham experts talk about the benefits brought by the capital market to investors

The capital market under a new regulatory system Discussing the topic: “Capital market and listing on the Albanian Securities Exchange as a financial alternative for corporations” brought together representatives of the American Chamber of Commerce in Albania, the Albanian Securities Exchange (ALSE), the Albanian Financial Supervisory Authority (AFSA) and Grant Thornton. AmCham members attending the […]

AmCham and Tax Directorate discuss Fiscalization

How to properly implement the new tax reporting process, fiscal innovations explained The American Chamber of Commerce in Albania, in cooperation with the General Tax Directorate, organized an informative meeting for AmCham members to explain the fiscalization process and progress taking place in its implementation, which will involve all of Albania’s businesses by the end […]

AmCham addresses the topic of integrity at 3rd Business Ethics Conference

Integrity as an ethical framework for businesses The American Chamber of Commerce in Albania has hosted the third Business Ethics Conference, which dealt with the topic of integrity — discussing a mosaic of elements that complement business ethics. The AmCham Ethics and Labor Committee, in cooperation with invited guests from Albania and the United States, […]

AmCham Albania, NEWWAY Consulting and Strati & Kostopoulos Law explain to members: Copyright under the Albanian legal framework

The American Chamber of Commerce in Albania, in cooperation with NEWWAY Consulting and Strati & Kostopoulos Law, organized an information session on “Intellectual property, fair competition and the approximation of activity in accordance with EU requirements.” At the meeting, AmCham members were provided with information on the topic by a NEWWAY Consulting representative, Evien Dako, […]

Deloitte Albania discusses Talent Management on fifth day of HR Open Week

Developing human potential to increase company performance HR Open Week’s fifth day focused on “Talent Management Training.” AmCham members had the opportunity to share experiences with an expert from Deloitte Albania on how coaching and mentoring focus on identifying and increasing people’s potential — with human capital being the most important factor in the strength […]

On fourth day of HR Open Week, Kalo & Associates explains how working from home is legally regulated

How remote work is regulated by law   HR Open Week’s fourth day focused on “Legal Challenges of Telework” as a topic, with Shirli Gorenca, a legal expert with Kalo & Associates, explaining to AmCham members the most efficient ways of working remotely and how that particular working relationship is legally regulated. Covid-19 and the […]

Third day of the HR Open Week – The virtual team: AmCham Albania and Deloitte discuss best practices for working from home

Coming together in a virtual environment: How companies benefit The pandemic situation and the resulting increase in remote work has meant that the office can be anywhere. Staff members have discovered how to use remote work to communicate in real time and maintain a proper level of productivity. Virtual teams and remote work have had […]