As an organisation committed to furthering the development of business relations between US and Albania, AmCham considers the adaption and promotion of fair and ethical business standards and good cooperate citizenship as key goals in its work and interaction with others. AmCham takes an active and leading role in promoting best American practices towards the business community operating in Albania by adopting this Code of better business principles and practices. The Code is to be utilized by AmCham and its Member Businesses in every aspect of their operations:

Member Businesses shall respect the rule of law in their engagement with the government: Respect laws and regulations and adhere to the rule of law; Refrain from engaging in any other activity that may be construed as corrupt or in violation of the law; Refrain from attempting to influence any interests through the exchange of gifts, money, or Information; Refraining from asking for special treatment based on improper use of personal relations while conducting professional activities.

Member Businesses shall engage in fair and ethical business practices: Uphold the law in exercising their business activity and conduct business transparently; Neither accept nor offer any form of bribery in conducting business; Refrain from providing false or misleading information and honestly represent themselves in discussions and negotiations; Apply environmentally responsible business practices.

Member Businesses shall provide a safe and ethical working environment: Guarantee fair treatment of all employees and show respect for the individual and dignity of the worker; Provide a safe and healthy working environment in the workplace; Tolerate no embezzlement or profiteering; Employees shall refrain from engaging in behavior or activities that may unfairly compromise the reputation of another employee with the company; Employees shall conduct themselves in such a way that brings honor and respect to the organisation.

Member Businesses shall play an active role in the community: Act responsibly and demonstrate a commitment to the advancement of the community through the promotion of education, health, cultural and other activities; Whenever possible, encourage employees to give back to the community through volunteering their time or resources.