The Labor and Ethics Committee
Chair – Roden Pajaj, Deloitte Albania
Vicechair – Paul Johnson, “Institutit Jeta e Re”

“The Committee aims to address issues related to the management of human resources, compliance with labor regulations and laws, the Labor Code, HSE, Code of Ethics andante-corruption practices.  The Committee actively engages on issues related to Business Ethics and cooperates with many stakeholders in order to address issues related to HR management. This Committee will also work closely with other AmCham Committees.”

During 2019, the HR committee’s main focus was on the importance of Labor relations and education to businesses on business ethics. The Committee continued the tradition of institutional collaboration, related to drafting of laws related to the labor market. In addition, it provided information to members on how to stay compliant with laws affecting their operations. Vocational training methods and HR best practices were also an important part of the Committee’s activity plan.