The Labor and Ethics Committee
Chair – Roden Pajaj, Deloitte Albania
Vicechair – Endri Çela, Duda shpk- Hotel Adriatik

Human Resources and their role in daily business operations, have taken on greater value especially during the pandemic. The training of the workforce to adapt to new realities, and the role of leadership in strategic changes, were the focus of the Labor and Ethics Committee meeting. The committee is preparing to provide AmCham members with a detailed training program on professional development and labor law recent changes.

The committee, chaired by Roden Pajaj, will work with members to continue in 2022 dealing with issues affecting the labor market, such as changes in the labor force, especially the role played by millennials in the market. Topics that touch on business ethics will again be promoted through the organization of conferences with important domestic and international contributions.

Committee members were of the opinion that the CEOs of AmCham member corporations should become part of these conferences, to share their experiences with other members.

The committee proposed the development of a Human Resources Network activity, as a way of not only networking among experts in the field of human resources, but also of sharing experience and information coming from that area.

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