The Digital Business Committee
Chair – Linda Shomo – Easy Pay 
Vicechair – Mirgen Hoxha – Motomtech

The mission of this Committee is to help members embrace the opportunity of the digital economy, to help leaders across private and public sector to explore and build the digital future. This committee would help to increase awareness and build a confidential environment where business executives can learn about its benefits, on how to implement the right strategies for the future and share best practices or their experiences with the other less advanced members. The Digital Business Committee would help companies develop a digital agenda for their own business, in order to capitalize on the opportunities of digitization and minimize the dangers of competition

The Digital Business Committee is the most recently established Committee of the American Chamber of Commerce in Albania. The Committee’s work in 2019 included an extensive analysis on how to have an impact in the development of digital processes, and, more specifically, the deployment of e-signature, the promotion of digital commerce and the training of businesses on technological innovations.