The Investment & Trade Committee
Chair – Adrian Shehu- TCN
Vicechair- Rexhino Çekrezio – Trifolium

AmCham’s Investment Agenda spells out 40 proposals that can help improve the business climate and increase foreign investment. The Investment and Trade Committee is vocal about the agenda’s implementation through engagement with all stakeholders, to bring about changes that ensure businesses can work in a transparent and competitive market.

Chaired by Adrian Shehu, the committee stressed the importance of regional cooperation and the need to have an action plan to engage with other AmChams in the region on shared market concerns. Focusing all efforts on a more coordinated and planned regional initiative, the committee aims to create regular events, to be held in a rotating order among the region’s countries.

The topics that the committee will engage in to create a sustainable climate for investors are the internationalization of labor markets to stimulate and encourage Albanian operators to work across borders, generating employment and increasing cash flow. The committee also discussed the possibility of organizing technology-related activities, giving a boost to the digital economy and investor awareness in order to increase interest in Albania. The 2022 action plan will also include issues affecting American investments and the creation of a network of stakeholders, including the U.S. Embassy and other organizations, for greater efficiency of activities.


Adrian Shehu TCN
Rexhino Cekrezi
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