The Investment & Trade Committee
Chair – Adrian Shehu, TCN
Vicechair – Igli Sulaj Abi, Bank

“Enhancing investments and trade are the key goals of AmCham. Thus, this Committee focuses on the facilitation of trade and investments, be they domestic or FDIs, and the improvement of the overall business climate. It contributes to and monitors the AmCham Business Index.  The Committee also aims to work towards identifying the competitive advantages of Albania (e.g. in the form of a study). Finally, the Committee shall seek to engage with other AmChams in the region to build a dialogue and a joint approach on cross border trade and all the elements related to it. This Committee looks into the possibilities of cooperating with the Albanian Diaspora in the U.S. It collaborates closely with the other Committees as well”.

The Trade and Investment Committee focused its work in 2019 on attracting foreign investments to Albania, forwarding to the relevant authorities the opinions and suggestions of AmCham members with the aim of improving the basic parameters of the country’s business climate, which ultimately will help attract foreign investments. The Committee was very active in the lobbying process on the new Unified Investment Law, which is expected to be of fundamental importance to the business climate.