AmCham Establishes Working Group Focuses on Resolving Sector Business Challenges

AmCham Establishes Working Group Focuses on Resolving Sector Business Challenges

The healthcare system and the issues it poses for businesses operating in this sector, including pharmaceuticals, hospital services, medical equipment, etc., have brought together a working group within AmCham, whose focus will be to diagnose and address the sector’s problems.

Grant Van Cleve, President, and Neritan Mullaj, Executive Director, have pledged AmCham’s support, drawing on its robust lobbying experience and logistical capabilities within Committees. This working group marks the initial step towards organizing the business landscape within the healthcare sector, one rife with diverse challenges that demand rigorous analysis.

Distinguished representatives from pharmaceutical companies and healthcare sectors have addressed macro-level issues impacting the industry, emphasizing the necessity of regulatory system reforms and the formulation of policies to foster sectoral development and ensure improved healthcare services for patients. From this perspective, business stakeholders advocate for increased budgetary allocations. Such a move, they argue, would not only bolster infrastructure but also enhance various healthcare service indicators.

The statistics presented by IQVIA company include data from Albania and the surrounding region, along with comparative analyses regarding the expenditure levels per capita in the healthcare sector, specifically focusing on the usage of medicines, individual treatments, and medical devices within the country.

The working group has agreed to be organized through field experts in drafting a work strategy to address the issues encountered by businesses in the relevant state institutions and to propose concrete solutions that can only be achieved through constant dialogue. They have shown faith in the advocacy capabilities of AmCham and in its professional approach to dialogue and lobbying, which contribute to making this process fruitful.