AmCham Albania Celebrates American Independence Day

AmCham Albania Celebrates American Independence Day

The American Chamber of Commerce in Albania has celebrated Independence Day of America with a grand festivity where around 1,000 guests gathered to commemorate a date that personifies democracy and the freedom of a great nation.

“At the heart of this event is the promotion of the historical message that this day conveys, emphasizing the democratic principles of liberty, free competition, and justice that we strive to unite,” stated Executive Director Neritan Mullaj in his welcoming address.

This celebration brings together Albanians and Americans alike, fostering a network of friendship and serving as a platform to build collaborative bridges for cultural exchange, language, and shared history between nations. President of the American Chamber, Mr. Enio Jaco, warmly greeted the attendees, sharing a personal experience of celebrating July 4th as a quintessential American holiday, an experience that he has only encountered similarly at the American Chamber’s event. Mr. Jaco expressed his appreciation for the immense popularity of this celebration, as reflected by the significant turnout.

The festivity was also acknowledged by Chargé d’Affaires at the U.S. Embassy, Mr. Demian Smith, who appreciated the clear expression of friendship between the two peoples during the Independence Day celebration organized by the American Chamber, where guests feel truly at home. The event was brought to life by various elements, including musical bands, dance groups, and games for children.

The American Chamber extended special gratitude to the event sponsors whose support made this remarkable organization possible.

Credins Bank, as a member of the American Chamber of Commerce, sponsored the activities as Platinium Sponsor. Credins is a bank that has made it its mission to support all activities that integrate and develop the community. Present at events where maximum attention is given to fields such as education, sports, culture, environment, or any area that brings technological advancements and innovation, Credins has established its unique social profile. With extensive professional experience not only in the banking industry but also in communication and social responsibility, Credins has addressed topics that have an impact and echo in gender equality, poverty alleviation, and even the promotion of tourism, culture, or any field that brings continuous improvement to Albania’s image.

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