American company EnerSys visits Albania meets with Investment & Trade Committee discussing energy sector development in the country

American company EnerSys visits Albania meets with Investment & Trade Committee discussing energy sector development in the country

American investors in the energy sector are increasingly interested in the Western Balkans, and Albania is one of their chosen destinations. In support of the objective to encourage American investments, the Trade and Investment Committee in the American Chamber is actively involved in developing a network among businesses interested in this sector that can generate American investments and increase productivity in the energy sector. This was the objective behind the meeting organized between EnerSys, an American company specializing in Energy Storage Systems, and members of the American Chamber of Commerce interested in the energy sector. During the opening remarks, Mr. Neritan Mullaj, Executive Director of AmCham Albania, emphasized, “The energy sector is one of the country’s top priority sectors, and the interest of American businesses in this field calls for our utmost attention in facilitating networks and collaborations that pave the way for partnerships and encourage investments.”

Vice President of EnerSys for Energy Storage Systems, Mr. Phil Arrowsmith, expressed his appreciation for the opportunity to present the company, which has been operating through EXBATT in the Kosovo market for 12 years and has an impressive history of expansion from America to Europe and Asia.

Mr. Phil Arrowsmith demonstrated interest in the Albanian market and not only aimed to introduce the company’s integrated technological solutions but also sought to understand the needs and expectations of businesses operating in this sector through their opinions. He also explored sector development policies and future prospects within the regional context. “Our offerings go beyond quality and innovation; we provide tailored solutions for your systems and strive to educate through our expertise,” Mr. Phil Arrowsmith expressed during the meeting.

Chair of the Investment & Trade Committee, Mr. Adrian Shehu, emphasized the significance of American companies’ presence in the energy market, as they set high standards for product quality and service while educating consumers. “We believe that quality products should dominate our markets, ensuring reliability and security, guiding consumers towards superior products for long-term use, and preventing market dominance by low-quality products,” Mr. Shehu stated.

Ms. Edlira Muka, Vice President of AmCham and CEO of Balfin Group, expressed a keen interest in gaining more insights into investment formats in the energy sector, investment return norms, production challenges, and more. “Investing in this sector poses its own challenges, and we require expertise in this direction,” Ms. Muka expressed, appreciating the sector’s potential and the opportunities in a large regional market where Albania should strive to become competitive.

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