The American Chamber Trains Members During Arbitration Week, Commercial Arbitration: Experts Highlight Legal Aspects


The ICC (International Chamber of Commerce) is fostering a tradition with its Arbitration Week, engaging various stakeholders to promote the vital pra...

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American Chambers in Europe: Business Connectors Gather in Washington

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During their visit to Washington, the American Chambers in Europe ( ACE) Delegation placed a strong emphasis on strengthening transatlantic relations,...

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On the third day of the Open Week of Human Resources, experts delved into critical topics: company structure, job clarity, and qualifications.


Elvis Kotherja, Chairman of the Tourism Committee at AmCham, spearheaded the discussions of the day, focusing on the standardization of job roles and ...

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The Second Day of Open Week on Human Resources. Work Practices: A Bridge Between Business and Academia


On the second day of AmCham’s Open Week, Mr. Elvin Nosi, Director of Human Resources at Balfin Group, led a discussion on work practices and the...

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HR Open Week at AmCham, Generation Z: Maximizing the Youth Potential for Business Growth


During the HR Open Week at AmCham, experts in the field gathered for three days to discuss the best practices in human capital development. The event ...

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Approach to Changes: The American Chamber of Commerce organizes Seminar on Income Tax Law for its Members


Tirana, April 18, 2024 – The American Chamber of Commerce (AmCham) organized a Seminar on Income Tax Law, exclusively initiated for its members....

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CEO Forum brings together AmCham leaders and Finance Minister Mr. Mete, Business climate takes center stage in discussions


“Good is the enemy of great” – quoted Mr. Grant Van Cleve, President of the American Chamber of Commerce, encapsulating the need for conti...

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Members of AmCham Engage with U.S. International Development Finance Corporation (DFC) Representative, Unlocking DFC Potential and Business Collaboration Opportunities in Albania

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In collaboration with the U.S. Embassy, the American Chamber of Commerce hosted an enlightening session featuring Mr. Walter Jones, Director of Invest...

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AmCham Establishes Working Group Focuses on Resolving Sector Business Challenges


The healthcare system and the issues it poses for businesses operating in this sector, including pharmaceuticals, hospital services, medical equipment...

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Innovation: Pioneering the Business Landscape – Insights from the Digital Committee


The Digital Committee’s experts have conducted a comprehensive analysis of the recent survey on Artificial Intelligence (AI) distributed among A...

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