Conference on Intellectual Property and Innovation: Albania’s Path to EU Integration

Conference on Intellectual Property and Innovation: Albania’s Path to EU Integration

The conference titled “Intellectual Property and Innovation: Albania’s Path to EU Integration,” organized by the ICC Albania, AmCham and CCI France Albania in partnership with GIZ Albania and ALSIP Project and the institutional support of DPPI, gathered over 80 participants, including legal experts, industry professionals, academics, and policymakers.

The event aimed to explore current trends, emerging issues, and future directions in the field of intellectual property (IP) in Albania. Key topics of discussion included the impact of technology, innovation, and pharmaceutical product development on IP, regulatory developments, enforcement strategies, and Albania’s efforts to align with EU regulations in these sectors.

IP in the Digital Age

A panel of experts from the American Chamber and related fields emphasized the longstanding relationship between technology and intellectual property rights, highlighting how IP is one of the most vital assets for businesses today.

The discussion brought to light the legal innovations affecting business activities. AmCham President Grant Van Cleve, who opened the panel, emphasized the importance the American Chamber places on this critical issue for businesses. The advancement of technology has necessitated a rethinking of these rights, requiring specific regulations. In the context of EU integration and the common market, businesses need to be prepared. The panel included Albana Karapanço, COO & Head of Legal at Tegeria; Borana Ajazi, LLM, MA, Director of the Copyright Directorate at MEKI; Neritan Frashëri, Director for Industrial Property, The State Inspectorate for Market Surveillance; Renata Leka, Partner at Boga & Associates; and Adea Pula, Founder and Managing Partner at Adea Pula Law.

Regulatory Framework

Presentations highlighted recent legislative and regulatory developments regarding IP rights in Albania and Kosovo. The panelists’ speeches included practical examples and updates on initiatives and commitments from relevant public institutions such as the Copyright Directorate and the State Inspectorate for Market Surveillance, in collaboration with international partners, and the impact of data privacy regulations on IP management. Special attention was given to copyright issues as participants showed interest in specific matters. There was also consensus among participants that businesses need to prepare for EU integration and the common market.

Market Monitoring

There was a consensus on the critical need for robust enforcement mechanisms to effectively protect IP rights. This includes improving the legal framework and enforcement capabilities and collaborating with local and international partners to combat piracy and violations.

Education and Awareness

Increasing education and awareness about IP rights among stakeholders, including businesses, creators, and consumers, was deemed essential. This involves promoting an understanding of laws, rights, and the economic benefits of protecting IP. It was also suggested that education on intellectual property rights should be part of early education curricula, given the growing presence of technology and innovation among younger generations.


Panelists and participants identified the need to enhance cooperation between the public and private sectors as paramount. However, collaboration with other actors such as academics and international partners also requires further attention.

Focus on Specific Industries

Discussions also covered the challenges and importance of protecting rights in emerging industries for Albania, such as gaming and virtual reality. These developments call for increased awareness and education.