AmCham Board Discusses Organizational Priorities with Committee Chairs

AmCham Board Discusses Organizational Priorities with Committee Chairs

The Board of the American Chamber of Commerce held a networking meeting with the Committee Chairs to discuss collaborative efforts in setting organizational priorities and the best strategies for achieving them. AmCham Albania President Grant Van Cleve praised the Committees’ work, highlighting their crucial role in developing organizational policies and providing valuable expertise. Executive Director Neritan Mullaj briefed participants on lobbying activities, relationships with institutions and stakeholders, and the established objectives.

In support of discussions on enhancing the American Chamber’s market reputation, Secretary Dritan Nako proposed creating a prioritized “shortlist.” Vice President Edlira Muka, addressing the Chamber’s public presence and joint positions with other organizations, suggested that the Board-approved escalation procedure be shared with all Committee members and followed as a guideline. Board Member Ilir Rudi recommended contracting field-specific experts for projects or issues of special significance to provide technical support for certain initiatives.

Adrian Shehu, Chair of the Investment Committee, presented the Committee’s activities and objectives, emphasizing the importance of lobbying on laws affecting the business climate.

Alketa Uruçi, Chair of the Tax and Customs Committee, focused on enhancing cooperation between the Board and Committees to build more efficient institutional bridges.

Roden Pajaj, Chair of the Labor and Ethics Committee, stressed the need for cross-committee meetings on common issues and organizing activities that jointly involve multiple Committees.

Albana Karapanço, Chair of the Legal Regulatory and IPR Committee, emphasized the necessity for Committees to have a visible and measurable work plan. She highlighted the significant commitment of the Legal Committee to the Government’s key initiatives.

Linda Shomo, Chair of the Digital Business Committee, focused on the Committee’s core efforts in “Cybersecurity,” “Open Banking,” and AI.

Elvis Kotherja, Chair of the Tourism Committee, emphasized the Committee’s dedication to developing a “White Paper” with suggestions and recommendations addressing the challenges and issues in the tourism sector.

At the end of the meeting, the Board members and Committee Chairs concluded that it is essential for each committee to define clear priorities moving forward and discuss them with the Board. Additionally, they emphasized the need to enhance collaboration with institutions and universities. The committees should also organize more joint events on topics relevant to the interests of the members.