Vodafone Bridges AI with Agriculture Sector

Vodafone Bridges AI with Agriculture Sector

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Vodafone Albania recently hosted an event titled “Agro-culture and Artificial Intelligence,” gathering key players from various sectors including government, NGOs, businesses in agriculture, and agribusiness experts. The event showcased concrete examples of how new technologies and Intelligent Agriculture have been integrated both in Albania and globally. Agriculture remains not only pivotal for the country’s development but also a sector where the application of cutting-edge technology, led by companies like Vodafone Albania, has proven remarkably successful.

During his address, CEO of Vodafone Albania, Mr. Balazs Revesz, emphasized the significance of agriculture as a priority sector for investment in innovation and technology, a view also shared by the Albanian government. He highlighted how digital platforms facilitate enhanced connectivity among farmers, suppliers, and customers, fostering market transparency and fair practices. Moreover, he underscored the role of these platforms in empowering Albanian farmers to attain necessary EU certification, thereby facilitating their access to EU markets.

Recognized by “Gartner” as a global leader in IoT service management, Vodafone leverages state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence technology to provide customers with personalized and differentiated experiences through robust digital platforms. A strategic partnership with Microsoft further accelerates the digital transformation journey of Vodafone Albania’s business clientele, elevating the quality of customer experience for consumers. The implementation of Vodafone’s Smart Agriculture solution contributes significantly to the agricultural sector by offering infrastructure for monitoring, analysis, and automation of operations.

Minister of Agriculture, Ms. Anila Denaj, shared insights during the event, indicating concrete steps towards European integration within the agriculture sector. With specific focus on farm characteristics, investment, services, and product quality, these steps aim to prepare the sector for the larger European market anticipated by 2030.

Jonida Lakuriqi, Director of the Legal and Public Policy and External Relations Department, stressed the integral role of Agriculture and Technology in our lives, highlighting digitization as a key driver towards European Integration. The positive impact of the digital revolution in Albania is evident across various sectors, as reflected by favorable indicators in the Digital Economy and Society Index (DESI), particularly in human capacity development, integration of digital technologies, mobile and fixed networks, and digital public services.

Wrapping up the event, participants engaged in a brief questionnaire to assess their level of digitization.