25 Years of Communication Progress

25 Years of Communication Progress

Communication Progress has celebrated a quarter century of dedication, achievements, and innovation. Since its founding in 1998, the company has experienced consistent success and, through the provision of solutions and services, has continuously influenced and contributed to the growth and transformation of many vital sectors, such as Telecommunications, Energy, Banking and Finance, Manufacturing, Education and Professional Training, Employment, National Defense, Institutions of Special Importance, Local Government, Justice and the Judicial Power, Transport, Health, and others.

Origin and Vision

Communication Progress began its journey at a time when information and communication technology was rapidly improving, and the local market demanded significant innovations. Recognizing this opportunity and with a clear vision, the company’s founders aimed to create innovative communication solutions and be pioneers in providing advanced ICT services. Our collaboration with global partners ensures the delivery of high-quality and cost-effective solutions.

Our Top Global Partners

IBM, Microsoft, Intel, Promethean, Fortinet, Supermicro, Nokia, Motorola, Dell Technologies, Matrix Comsec, Axis Communications, Aviat Networks, Alcatel-Lucent, Hyland, Veeam, Lockheed Martin, VMware.

Growth and Expansion By following global technological development trends, Communication Progress transformed over the years into a service provider with a broad portfolio and spectrum in the ICT field. Through tireless work over the years, the company earned the trust of clients and partners worldwide, building an excellent reputation for service quality. This allowed the company to

expand its client base and enter new markets. Today, Communication Progress is a recognized organization in the field of Information and Communication Technology, with a successful presence both locally and internationally. With a team of over 100 professionals, we are truly proud to have provided many young people with the opportunity to build their professional careers by combining their youthful energy with the experience of their senior colleagues.

The combination of theoretical knowledge gained through access to the knowledge market with involvement in projects of various sizes creates a solid foundation for every member of our organization, aiming for professional advancement to the highest levels of the global market. Communication Progress also functions as a true labor market and an exemplary professional exchange for professionals of all levels, valuing human qualities and professional achievements with dignity.

Innovation and Technology

A key factor in the company’s success has been its continuous commitment to innovation and new technology trends. Through substantial capital investments from its resources, Communication Progress has always been at the forefront of innovative developments, creating new products and services that meet client needs. Continuous efforts to improve existing products and develop new solutions have given the company a competitive advantage and earned the trust of clients.

Client Experience and Commitment

At the heart of its operations, Communication Progress has always placed its clients. Client experience has been and remains a high priority, and the company has consistently worked to provide quality services tailored to their needs. By listening to and considering their requests and recommendations, the company has built a strong and long-term relationship with its clients. In the company’s software management platform database, among several thousand client names served by Communication Progress over the years, there is a considerable number of clients from the very beginning of its activities.

Communication Progress is dedicated to unlimited support and serious investments in integrating young people into the workforce and designing their careers in line with the company’s development programs.

Market Expansion and Sustainability

The market approach follows sound practices in accordance with the company’s vision and investment plan. Organizing workshops, participating in various fairs, dedicated presentations for specific clients through sales channels, using online and offline marketing focusing on specific audience groups, and other methods help us increase the client base, forming the foundation of a solid mechanism for gradual but sustainable growth of the contracted volume of goods or services offered in the market by Communication Progress.

The IMPRO Platform

IMPRO is an authentic software product developed by Communication Progress, part of ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) products, created to manage all operations and resources of a company or institution from a single interface. The system automates work processes, centralizes information, ensuring its accuracy, and significantly improves communication speed at all levels of business.

IMPRO is fully adapted to national accounting standards, International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), tax laws, and the labor code. The system integrates easily with active directory, allowing users to identify themselves with the same credentials they use on their computers. Another feature of the system is centralized communication with the platform, native adaptation with end devices, terminals, and mobile applications. IMPRO supports the creation of configurable approval levels based on content and roles, and it has an integrated email/SMS/WhatsApp notification module for respective activities/processes. In any work environment, there is the possibility of attaching and storing documents in a tab as an electronic archive. The solution can be natively integrated with maps, supporting the use of processes on them.

IMPRO assists management structures by creating customized dashboard reports, enabling monitoring, evaluation, and analysis of the situation in every sector in real time. The platform operates in accordance with the directives of the General Directorate of Taxes, integrating and realizing real-time online invoice declaration (the fiscalization process).