American Chambers in Europe: Business Connectors Gather in Washington

American Chambers in Europe: Business Connectors Gather in Washington

During their visit to Washington, the American Chambers in Europe ( ACE) Delegation placed a strong emphasis on strengthening transatlantic relations, marking it as a focal point of their ambitious agenda. Among the 40 Executive Directors from 30 AmChams across Europe, Neritan Mullaj, the Executive Director of AmCham Albania, was also part of this delegation. Their journey commenced with a significant meeting at the American Chamber of Commerce in Washington, where they were warmly welcomed by Suzanne Clark, the President and CEO. Discussions revolved around pivotal areas of collaboration such as the economy, geopolitics, and transatlantic affairs.

Opportunities for dialogue were further expanded during visits to the State Department and the Department of Commerce. Here, representatives engaged with Marisa Lago, the Under Secretary of Commerce for International Trade, and Dilawar Syed, the Deputy Administrator at the U.S. Small Business Administration.

A notable event in service of the American Chambers network was a reception hosted by the European Union Delegation. It provided a platform for extensive discussions on the Transatlantic Economy Report 2024, highlighting the significance of high-level relations and inter-business linkages.

On the subsequent day, ACE representatives participated in the Transatlantic Business Issues Summit, focusing on enhancing economic competitiveness, digital and technological advancements, and the transition to renewable energy sources. Their engagements included discussions at the U.S. State Department and the Atlantic Council, where they offered insights into the political landscape and trade policies. Notably, at the U.S. State Department, the delegation engaged in a constructive dialogue with Ambassador Yuri Kim, the Deputy Assistant Secretary for European and Eurasian Affairs, emphasizing the imperative for collaborative efforts between the U.S. and Europe amidst historic challenges. Key sectors identified for enhanced cooperation encompassed Energy, AI, Cybersecurity, Supply Chain, and Defense.

In Miami, the ACE team explored business collaboration opportunities with the Miami Chamber of Commerce. Additionally, they visited the Royal Caribbean Group, focusing on advancements in tourism and sustainability initiatives. The culmination of their journey at the Hotel South Beach underscored efforts to promote the circular economy and increase the utilization of recyclable materials within the tourism industry.