Credins Bank

Credins Bank

Credins Bank logo is introduced for the first time in Albania. It is an innovative platform that will enable collection of funds for social contribution projects from all interested persons, wherever they are worldwide. platform includes 7 areas, from social welfare and solidarity, promotion of cultural heritage, environment, social entrepreneurship, education and training, sports activities and innovative entrepreneurship. platform, as the first crowdfunding platform in Albania, enables collection of funds from the public, giving everyone the opportunity to be informed about open projects, financial or voluntary contributions needed to be realized, the relevant field, and to select one or more projects to contribute directly online. The first 11 social projects have already been launched on the crowdfunding platform: The special feature of platform is that “it provides maximum security for each contributor as it ensures full transparency for every donation made, real-time information on the progress of the contribution for each project supported, as well as information on the project implementation until it is finalized”.

Public online fundraising is a simple practice, by which an entity, whether an individual, business, or any other body, can contribute, in line with their means, in kind or in cash, to various initiatives for the welfare of the entire society. The practice of seeking funding from a large number of people, thus giving rise to the term “crowdfunding”, has become easier to achieve thanks to the spread of the internet. Crowdfunding motivates the public to support on a collective basis and in a truly practical way any kind of social or business venture that they feel merits their backing. Now it’s time to show that we can succeed in many ways, if we are all prepared to give something. The program offers huge potential for the pooling of resources, whether in money or in kind, through the crowdfunding model, whether contributors are in Albania or abroad.

The platform is an initiative of Credins Foundation, owned 100% by Credins Bank, and it is also an initiative of the bank’s executives and shareholders to create a platform that serves to raise public awareness and motivate people to contribute in implementing projects that are necessary for the development and welfare of the Albanian society. Credins Foundation has strategic partnership with some of the most well-known local Institutions in the field of social responsibility such as: Partners Albania, Vodafone Foundation and Grant Thornton. Now it’s time to show that we can succeed, if we are all willing to give something. offers a new way for people to think and act.

All of you are invited to donate to, as the platform offers a new way of thinking and acting and the contribution of each of us as a person, no matter how small, is truly very precious. 

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