Foreword by the AmCham President and Executive Director

Foreword by the AmCham President and Executive Director

Welcome to the first Smart City Conference of Western Balkans, Municipality leaders and leading Global Tech Companies – here in Tirana, Albania!

The last two years have been extremely challenging for everyone all around the world. We have gained invaluable lessons and skills going through this unprecedented experience. One of them being the use of online platforms and technology to provide learning opportunities in a form and shape that was not possible before. Consequently, this conference will be the very first key point, allowing mayors, companies, professionals and academics to share their work, experiences and best practices.

“Secure. Green. Smart City Solutions: Risk & Opportunities for Western Balkans” is inspired by the next generation of the urban evolution by engaging municipalities, citizens and business in an intelligent, connected ecosystem. We believe that now is the time to take a step further, move beyond borders, and collaborate at all levels to improve our city services and the quality of the life.

The interest of the conference has been to introduce innovations, services and platform solutions in relation to smart cities as a potential way for Western Balkans municipalities to evolve in Smart Cities way. Around 24 leading tech companies and also 20 Mayors from western Balkans have been invited to participate the event.

Smart City Solutions is organized by the American Chamber of Commerce in Albania in coordination with US Embassy in Tirana.

We do our utmost to ensure the design of the Conference encourages you to share, replicate, get motivated and be inspired.

We hope you enjoy the Conference and make the most of the facilitated networking opportunities!

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