AmCham Member’s News – BALFIN Group – Balkan Finance Investment

AmCham Member's News - BALFIN Group - Balkan Finance Investment

BALFIN Group – Balkan Finance Investment

BALFIN Group is currently providing real assistance to those most affected by the crisis. State institutions have also been in the forefront, providing order and security for the citizens of Albania.

Albcrome, Spar and Tirana Bank have assisted 350 families with consumer product packages to help them cope with the COVID-19 crisis. The companies of BALFIN Group have distributed about 12 tons of food products during this period.

Furthermore, Spar Albania has donated 5,000 masks and 5,000 protective gloves to the State Police for the police officers who are more exposed to the risk of infection.

“All societies must live with the joys and problems of the communities where they operate. The crisis we are living in today has affected the entire Albanian society, therefore we have a duty not just to take care of our employees and the progress of business, but also to stay close to the people in need. And that’s what we are doing”- says Edlira Muka, Executive Director of BALFIN Group.

BALFIN Group has implemented good corporate responsibility policies, being close to the families in need and police officers as well.

AmCham is proud of its members.

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