Trade mission with American ICT companies in Belgrade

Trade mission with American ICT companies in Belgrade

The Trade Mission with the presence of 27 American companies organized in Belgrade in the framework of the Regional meeting of AmCham, was followed in the second day by the Regional Trade Conference of the Western Balkan Countries organized by the Serbian Chamber of Commerce and Industry in cooperation with Cif 6 ËB ( Western Balkans 6 Chamber Investment Forum) and the US Commercial Service

The group from Albania organized by AmCham Albania was part of this conference. In the first part of the conference, the leaders of the Chambers of Commerce of the Western Balkans made an overview of their markets and economic developments.

In the second part, the AmCham Regional Conference in Belgrade focused on two important topics, the opportunities in the ICT regional market, and the future of the energy market in the Western Balkans. In the round tables, experts and business representatives from the Region as well as American companies have addressed important issues that affect both sectors.

Moderators in the round tables discussed the topics on developments in the ICT sector in the regional market, the ecosystem of startups, the development of ICT networks as well as the training of a workforce with digital skills. The energy sector has focused attention on the future of the regional energy market, the development of renewable energy such as solar panels or wind energy.

The meeting continued with networking and B2B meetings between businesses, giving the members of the American Chamber who were present at the meeting the opportunity to interact with American companies and those in the region and exchange ideas and business opportunities.

A special thanks to the companies TCN, Communication Progress, Trifolium, Motomtech, Dexi, Tegeria and Alosys Communication, who became part of the American Chamber’s group to present their ideas and potential in this special where we talked about investment and development.

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