The Legal Committee talks about the laws changes that affect business

The Legal Committee talks about the laws changes that affect business

The legal Committee had a meeting to discuss the lobbying processes on legislative changes, the way to build institutional relations with the administration, as well as informational meetings on the new laws that have been implemented in order to inform the members.  

The discussion served to unify the Chamber’s position on the issues of public consultation and its legal deadlines, comments on the law on GDPR as well as the progress in the drafting of a law on arbitration.

During the meeting, the members of the Committee underlined the fact that the Law on Protection of Personal Data has changes that should be recognized by the business, especially regarding the level of fines. In order to bring a full presentation of the changes the Committee is working to organize a meeting with the Commissioner for the Right of Information and Protection of Personal Data. The Committee has underlined the need to cooperate with the Digital Business Committee in the organization of this event.

During the meeting, the Head of the Committee, Kledi Kodra, informed the members about the meeting organized with the Deputy Minister of Justice for the anti-corruption program and the implementation of the recommendations of the Investment Agenda. Mr. Kodra informed that the Recommendations of the Investment Agenda have been seen with interest by the Ministry of Justice and some of them have been taken into consideration. The concept of “Integrity Compliance” and conducting analyzes according to sectors with the highest risk are the main elements that will be included in the Strategy. These two elements are in accordance with AmCham recommendations no. 7 and 12 which aim to prevent corruption and increase public confidence in the public procurement procedure.

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