The Labor and Ethics Committee discusses employment policies

The Labor and Ethics Committee discusses employment policies

The development of human capital not just to serve the businesses but also to provide a long-term solution for the emigration of labor forces, must be the focus of businesses and policymakers. The meeting of the Labor and Ethics Committee paid attention to the issue as well as served to plan the events for the last quarter of the year, where professional development through training and efficient policies occupies an important place.

The members of the Committee commented on the alarm brought by the latest statistics on the mass movement phenomenon and the impact that will have on the vital sectors of the country and therefore on the businesses that operate in these sectors. An increased role of AmCham to influence policymakers and businesses in the implementation of a new strategy was considered a necessary step by the Committee and will be involved in activities that are designed for 2023.

During the meeting, it was discussed about the annual events that this Committee presents for the members in order to address various HR topics and share experiences among them. The “Open Week” format and topics covered throughout the week will be selected as a result of members’ own interests.

The development of leadership forms through the annual conferences organized by this Committee was another part of the discussion on the Committee’s 2023 event plan.

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