HR Open Week at AmCham, Generation Z: Maximizing the Youth Potential for Business Growth

HR Open Week at AmCham, Generation Z: Maximizing the Youth Potential for Business Growth

During the HR Open Week at AmCham, experts in the field gathered for three days to discuss the best practices in human capital development. The event kicked off with an engaging discussion on the attraction and retention of Generation Z employees. Spartak Alibali, Human Resources Manager at Deloitte Albania & Kosovo, shared insights with AmCham members about the unique characteristics of this generation and the strategies HR departments should adopt to support their growth and make them invaluable assets to their companies.

One of the primary challenges faced by HR departments is creating an environment where employees feel valued as the most crucial asset of the company. Deloitte’s recent report sheds light on the emerging trends and values that companies are embracing to succeed by harnessing the potential of their workforce.

“Human resources are increasingly vital for companies. They are transitioning from operational departments to strategic advisors for leadership, helping to set objectives that align with the company’s overall goals while leveraging the capabilities of their workforce,” remarked Spartak Alibali during the training session.

Key recommendations from HR departments include talent assessment, fostering open communication channels, setting realistic objectives, and cultivating a collaborative culture to drive success.

Aligning organizational objectives with personal goals enhances their achievability. Discussions during the event focused on how Human Resources can foster meaningful interactions with Generation Z and capitalize on their potential.

Generation Z, now dominating the job market, embodies a new behavioral trend. They exhibit entrepreneurial traits, prioritize financial independence, adapt quickly to new environments, and value recognition. This generation strives to make a positive impact on the environment while maintaining a work-life balance. As HR managers work towards developing their skills, the challenge lies in retaining them within the workforce.

To address this challenge, HR departments are advised to measure productivity through objective indicators, collaborate with employees to set clear metrics, and leverage innovative technologies such as AI to streamline processes.

AmCham members engaged in an open dialogue, sharing their experiences with Generation Z and discussing effective strategies to unlock their full potential.