The Digital Business Committee presents its leaders and work program

The Digital Business Committee presents its leaders and work program

The Digital Business Committee has kicked off the season with its first meeting after the elections, where Chairwoman Linda Shomo and Vice-Chairman Mirgen Hoxha were presented. The group, composed of the presence of 15 companies representing sectors from banking, the financial sector, telecommunications, and IT, discussed the program supported by the themes and experience created by this Committee as well as current events. A member of the Board, Juela Isaj, was also part of the meeting, emphasizing the great importance the Board attaches to issues of digitalization and technological developments in business.

Committee members reached a consensus that their focus would revolve around two primary pillars: the legal and technical framework governing digitalization in the economy and the enhancement of staff and leadership capabilities through training initiatives. Executive Director Neritan Mullaj encouraged Committee members to craft a clear program that would steer the Committee’s activities throughout the year.

The annual agenda of the Digital Business Committee will encompass vital technical discussions and advocacy efforts for novel legislation governing digital relationships across all sectors. This legislation promises to usher in a technological revolution in business development. Particular attention will be given to the new draft Law ‘On Electronic Identification and Trusted Services”, currently under discussion, with the Committee closely monitoring its progress through the relevant regulatory institutions.

There was significant discussion about the new payment law, which is expected to come into effect in January 2024 and requires the attention of this group as it impacts the financial sector and banks. Additionally, the Committee has scheduled a meeting with ACESK as a means of fostering institutional relations and sharing crucial insights on fundamental matters, including cybersecurity and the elevation of security standards.

The Committee’s working group has also accorded due importance to networking opportunities and professional training. Each member, with their respective expertise and industry representation, can serve as an effective trainer. Training sessions will encompass a spectrum of subjects, ranging from legislative amendments governing digital relationships to the adoption of novel techniques and programs, as well as the efficient utilization of Artificial Intelligence in business.

The Digital Business Committee has not overlooked the importance of networking formats essential for cultivating relationships and facilitating information exchange among IT experts. Morning Breakfast sessions focusing on the latest tech developments will be integrated into the Committee’s program.

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