The American Chamber of Commerce discusses with experts during Global Entrepreneurship Week on: Cybersecurity and Defense Strategies

The American Chamber of Commerce discusses with experts during Global Entrepreneurship Week on: Cybersecurity and Defense Strategies

“Global Entrepreneurship Week,” organized by the Ministry of Entrepreneurship, has engaged the American Chamber of Commerce in hosting a forum on the topic “Cybersecurity – How Albanian businesses should protect themselves.” The panel, composed of experts in the legal and information technology fields, was moderated by the Chairwoman of the Digital Business Committee, Linda Shomo, who guided the discussion through the intersection of legislation and techniques in building defensive systems against cyber-attacks.

Extending a warm welcome to all participants, Executive Director Neritan Mullaj remarked that the American Chamber initiated this discourse during the Regional Smart City Conference, where tech industry giants shared insights into optimal business protection practices. The forum is a second step to bringing together the best experts in the field to inform businesses.

A comprehensive overview of impending legislative changes, anticipated for swift approval in Parliament, was presented by AKCESK specialist Anxhela Brahimi. Her focus was on pivotal developments within the law and the considerations that businesses should bear in mind. Albana Karapanço, Chairwoman of Legal Committee, contributed with up-to-date information on global trends and organizational culture, particularly in relation to investments in cybersecurity. Geopolitical dynamics emerged as influential factors, prompting heightened attention from CEOs toward major corporations. Recent reports from the World Economic Forum indicate a trend where large companies are appointing not only CEOs but also IT executives, increasingly assuming responsibilities in overall company management.

Taking the floor on the technical facets of cybersecurity, Besmir Skënderi, a specialist in cybersecurity, shed light on the tools essential for businesses to comprehend. Mr. Skenderi explained tactics and techniques used during cyber-attacks and demonstrated ways to protect themselves by implementing protocols defined for cybersecurity defense.

The panel of experts actively engaged with participants, addressing a myriad of questions that surfaced during the discussion. This underscored the evident necessity for establishing a robust legal infrastructure to invest in effective defense systems. Minister of Entrepreneurship Delina Ibrahimaj, in her remarks on the matter, conveyed that the new legislation aims to safeguard critical infrastructure. She emphasized the imperative need to foster awareness among small and medium-sized businesses, integral components of the ecosystem requiring informed decision-making.