Deloitte Albania discusses Talent Management on fifth day of HR Open Week

Deloitte Albania discusses Talent Management on fifth day of HR Open Week

Developing human potential to increase company performance

HR Open Week’s fifth day focused on “Talent Management Training.” AmCham members had the opportunity to share experiences with an expert from Deloitte Albania on how coaching and mentoring focus on identifying and increasing people’s potential — with human capital being the most important factor in the strength of a company. Hergert Hoxha of Deloitte  explained to AmCham members the role a coach plays in developing the potential he or she sees in employees.

Excellent career trainers help develop company staff by giving them the help and guidance they need. They are the best coordinators to connect the right people with the opportunities and experiences that support their career development. During the meeting, it was emphasized the fact that effective career training is essential for the sustainability and continuous growth of the company and business.

According to Mr. Hoxha, a trainer helps to identify and develop an individual’s strengths, interprets performance trends based on experience and advises on professional career development. Identifying strengths is important because it helps professionals utilize them both in day-to-day work as well as in improving the company’s performance. The coach accomplishes this by interpreting and synthesizing the feedback received from employees on their work and incentives in combination with their education and experience, creating a link to long-term career goals.

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