Day Two at HR Open Week: AIMS International expert presents “The key role of new talent in company performance during the pandemic”

Day Two at HR Open Week: AIMS International expert presents “The key role of new talent in company performance during the pandemic”

HR Open Week’s second day focused on “Employment of recent graduates: How to attract and retain the new leadership class for a very uncertain future” as a topic.  AmCham members had the opportunity to exchange information with an expert from AIMS International, Endri Ndoni, on current and future challenges.

Mr. Ndoni shared his experience on how businesses and organizations can rely on young talent who can become a factor in overcoming difficult situations. At the training session, the AIMS International expert spoke about the importance of advocating to allow for flexibility, but also accuracy, when preparing for the unique challenges ahead related to finding the right talent.

The impact of Covid-19 was felt around the world. And businesses need to be reorganized to keep staff working in order to operate efficiently. A quick assessment of HR resources has shown that sectors such as tourism and hospitality were hit hardest, but, at the same time, most businesses were standing on a secure foundation that allowed them to switch to a more digital way of doing business.

HR departments had to take several actions to overcome the difficult situation created by the pandemic, including retraining the workforce, arming employees with new skills, as well as relying on expertise from outside the company — and above all — recruiting new staff members to adapt.

The process has been handled with great care by HR experts with the aim of not only providing qualified new staff to companies but also to help promote each company’s brand in the job market. Most companies developed in-house programs and relied on their own staff. The BPO portion relied on the recruitment of inexperienced staff, such as recent graduates.

During the time of the pandemic, the recruitment process takes on a special value as the human factor is the most important in overcoming this situation. This creates strong pressure on HR departments who have to be very careful when conducting a recruitment process for the company needs. During the training, Mr. Ndoni explained to AmCham members that it is the duty of the human resources experts to carry out a fair process and select the best candidates, as this will affect not only the company’s performance but also staff relations. Candidates should also be treated fairly and professionally as their opinion of the process will also affect the company’s reputation in the market.

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