Business Forum with the Municipality of Tirana

Business Forum with the Municipality of Tirana

AmCham speaks for local taxes with the Municipality of Tirana

The American Chamber of Commerce has organized a Business Forum with the Municipality of Tirana and PLGP project of USAID  focused on the new Law on Local Taxes and the tax level for 2017. During this meeting, Ms. Silvana Meko from PLGP project, made a presentation on the changes expected in the Law on Local Taxes and fees for 2017, that are expected to do the brunt of the budget of the Municipality of Tirana. Ms. AlketaUruci,  chair of the Tax and Legal Committee of AmCham, introduced the concerns that the members of AmCham have with the Municipality. Cleaning fee and a fair division of it with the secondary TINs and the methodology with which the Municipality allocates taxes and transparency, have been the diverse issues raised by AmCham.

Speaking about the taxes level during 2017, Mr. Enkelejd Musabelliu explained to the members of AmCham that there will be no tax increases, and that they are working to reduce the time and bureaucracy of applying for each procedure at the Municipality of Tirana. So starting from January 1, businesses will be required to bring only half of the documentation that was asked before to make a complaint or a request or compensation of taxes and the time of approval will be within two weeks. Mr. Musabelliu introduced the members of AmCham how will be used for reconstruction of schools of the city the education tax.

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