Business Forum with Deloitte Albania

Business Forum with Deloitte Albania

AmCham Business Forum in collaboration with Deloitte Albania

“Business solutions through information management”

How to manage the business through information technology, was the subject that gathered today at a Business Forum the members of AmCham. IT experts of Deloitte Albania have introduced to the members the latest programs that help businesses in managing successfully their business in all of their profiles.

“Two have been the issues for which I have never said ‘No’ when I was CEO of a bank in Montenegro, security and IT” – said during the meeting the President of the American Chamber of Commerce Mr. Mark Crawford.

Supporting the purpose of this meeting, Mr. Olindo Shehu, Manager and Partner at Deloitte Albania highlighted today the importance of the information technology for businesses. “During the audit that we do to many companies we have encountered issues and problems which are easily solvable by information systems like SAP or Microsoft Dynamics” – said Mr. Shehu.  According to Mr. Shehu, is very important for businesses to become competitive in the market evaluating their assets and potential and also by implementing IT systems not only to manage finances but also HR issues, fixtures etc.

At the end, two experts of Deloitte: Mr. Gjergji Robo Manager and IT Consulting and Mr. Kreshnik Skenderi Project Manager and IT Consulting explained in details SAP and Microsoft Dynamics programs, and how they can be set in service of the businesses.

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