“We have dared to introduce international giants to new smaller markets, based on a belief that BALFIN Group has the potential to induce change in economy and society, and backed by most prestigious partners.

We have enriched European business models with local traits, enabled by our teams of experts across countries and industries, and guided by our values and strict standards.

We have set the tone in the region’s economic field and have created the potential to expand. Our 30 years of history confirm this and assure us of successes to come.”

- edlira muka, ceo BALFIN Group.

Business Highlights 

30 years of BALFIN, From foundations in Vienna to over 5 thousand employees in 9 countries

Balkan Finance Investment Group – widely known as BALFIN Group – is playing its active role as one of the most significant and successful investment groups in Western Balkans for 30 years. It started with Samir Mane dwelling in retail in Vienna, Austria. A TV set was the first item he sold, back in 1993. What followed can only be described as unstoppable growth and diversification. First, the Group expanded to our region, and now its footprint reaches nine countries.

Back to the beginning, real estate was the first sector to join retail in Group’s activity. In 2002, its Mane TCI started to develop and build residential, commercial, and industrial buildings in Albania and Austria.

The next milestone was QTU or the first shopping mall in Albania, in 2005. It completely transformed consumer behavior and expectations in the country. The rewarding model was immediately replicated and three of the biggest shopping malls in the region are now owned by BALFIN Group.

The Green Coast by BALFIN Group introduced elite tourism, giving new life to its surroundings. Modern sustainable buildings and infrastructure in a typical Mediterranean landscape would make vacationers feel as if at any of the famous European locations. The Group branched out into banking in 2019 with Tirana Bank. The first private bank in Albania received a boost and last year recorded the fastest growth of the sector in the country.

A somewhat less publicly known industry of BALFIN Group is transportation and logistics, yet its companies move goods across all continents, in partnership with world giants of maritime and land transport. The transportation cycle is complete with storage and customs clearing services, as well as order delivery at the designated destination.

Nowadays, BALFIN Group’s portfolio includes commercial activity in real estate, wholesale and retail, banking, asset management, tourism, media, and logistics. It is a trustworthy and permanent partner of domestic and international organizations, such as global leaders of consumer electronics, well-known supermarket chains, prestigious development and construction studios, as well as international banks or financial institutions.

More than 5.000 employees are its driving force, belonging to an environment that enables all individuals to express the best of their abilities, with the highest standards of business and ethics. The economic development and employment generated by BALFIN Group, along with its social engagement have made a tangible impact benefitting the community.

BALFIN Group in numbers

BALFIN Group (Balkan Finance Investment Group) is one of the most important and successful investment groups in the Western Balkans region. BALFIN Group was founded in 1993 in Vienna by Mr. Samir Mane, and today is present in Austria, Albania, Kosovo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, North Macedonia, Montenegro, Switzerland, Croatia, and the Netherlands.

BALFIN is a diversified group active in real estate, wholesale and retail, banking, asset management, tourism, media, education, and logistics.

The Group employs approximately 5,000 people, whose dedication and passion remain key to the Group’s success history in these 30 years.

BALFIN Group is a trustworthy partner, conducting business activities on international scale, at the highest business and ethical standards with substantial financial capital, outstanding human resources, and a thorough focus on innovation.

Through economic development, employment opportunities, innovation, and social involvement, BALFIN Group challenges the status quo, fostering a positive impact on communities.

  • Present in 9 Countries.
  • Operates in 8 key Industries.
  • € 819 million is the total Group’s Capital Investments up to now.
  • € 1.6 billion total Group Assets in 2022.
  • Approximately € 60 million taxes are paid in 2022.
  • € 85 million total Group Investments only for 2022.
  • BALFIN Group provides goods and services to more than 50.000 Customers every day.
  • More than 5,000 People work in all BALFIN Group companies and about 10,000 more are indirectly employed by subcontractors, whose function and work are mainly related to the activity of Group’s companies.
  • 4 in 10 employees are women and 5 in 10 top leadership positions are women.
  • CSR initiatives served approximately 30,000 beneficiaries during year 2022.
  • BALFIN Group is a trustworthy and recommended partner for many significant international companies and financial institutions.
  • KidZone is present in 4 countries, with 22 Jumbo superstores, offering more than 30,000 products.
  • +28 million visitors are estimated to visit QTU, TEG and EGM annually.
  • Tirana Bank, part of BALFIN Group, recorded a significant growth in loan portfolio by 23.5%.
  • ALBA-TRADE, founded in 1993, operates in the consumer electronics wholesale market and is among the most important players in the Western Balkan countries.
  • Happy loyalty programs in Albania, North Macedonia, and Kosovo are the largest loyalty programs in the respective countries.
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Street ‘Papa Gjon Pali II’, Floor 11, ABA Center, P.O. Box. 1010, Tirana, Albania 

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