BALFIN Group Celebrates its 30th Anniversary: Major Announcements in Expansions and Philanthropy

BALFIN Group Celebrates its 30th Anniversary: Major Announcements in Expansions and Philanthropy

BALFIN Group marked 30 years of activity and this historic milestone was crowned with an extraordinary organization, attended by all who have been part of this history, as well as everyone who has supported the project that began in 1993. This ceremony, dedicated mainly to employees, invited partners from 35 different countries. Among them were representatives of major electronic brands, such as Samsung and Beko, and of the international retail giants such as SPAR, Jumbo and Inditex. The participation of the envoy of the International Finance Corporation and the EBRD is also highlighted, as international organizations that believe in the investments and vision of the BALFIN Group.

Samir Mane, thanking thousands of employees and hundreds of business partners who were part of the celebrations, brought back the emotions of youth when, at the age of 25, he created BALFIN Group in Austria. “I believe that we can all affirm the great changes that BALFIN Group has brought wherever it has invested, developing geographic areas, empowering businesses and improving the lives of citizens,” he said.

The initial idea has materialized into an organization with over 5,000 employees in eight different industries, now even on two continents. The news was shared with the attendees by the founder himself and Samir Mane, who announced that BALFIN Americas is the newest company of the Group.

Group President Samir Mane also announced the creation of Mane Foundation, is a charity fund financed by him. “This foundation will be my new commitment, which I want to accomplish with the same success as BALFIN Group. Soon, every one of you will be able to contribute,” he told the guests. The Mane Foundation will follow the example of the best international models, for supporting initiatives related to education and youth, environmental issues, as well as those that affect the mitigation of poverty and inequality.

Associates from 35 different countries of the world joined the history of BALFIN Group, as integral factors of the innovations that this Group has made possible in the markets where it operates. The CEO of BALFIN Group, Edlira Muka, publicly appraised them, emphasizing the mindset of innovation, cooperation, and accountability that has been crafted decade after decade. She added that “The presence of BALFIN Group in 10 countries and many sectors of the economy shows the strength of this investment group. With unwavering belief in the capacity of employees and specialized knowledge, and the willingness to go along with ambitious global projects, we will continue to build a better future for our families and the communities where we invest.”

BALFIN Group‘s leaders find in its employees the security of being an organization with a long-term impact on society and an inspiration for future generations wherever it operates, as well as in the spirit created to support new talents and transform business successes in contribution to society.

For 30 years, BALFIN Group has been playing an active role as one of the most important investment groups in the Western Balkans. The companies of this group operate in the fields of real estate, wholesale and retail, banking, asset management, tourism, media, and logistics.

Over 5,000 employees in ten countries, working under the highest business and ethical standards, are the force that keeps BALFIN Group moving. This organization has made a tangible impact in the community, through economic development, employment, and social investments.

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