BALFIN Group turns into the principal shareholder of TBU, whereas a new chapter for TBU’s development unfolds

BALFIN Group turns into the principal shareholder of TBU, whereas a new chapter for TBU’s development unfolds

BALFIN Group is the principal shareholder of Tirana Business University College (TBU), reaching its share quota to 60%. Thus, BALFIN leads the way for TBU to a new chapter of development, both in terms of technical and financial perspective.

The increasing share participation of BALFIN Group represents new opportunities for students who have completed their high education studies and plan to initiate university studies, and for students who are in pursuit of a profession, career development, or a new career. New programs will be introduced before long which shall be developed based on the real labour market demands in the private sector. The new study programs shall be a meeting point for young people and businesses’ needs for young experts.

Considering that BALFIN Group operates in 10 different countries, TBU will introduce its new study programs in cooperation with other international universities and the main companies that will enable students to outshine in the ever-evolving education, business, and entrepreneurship sphere and beyond.

A propitious indication from TBU’s latest data reveals that 86.5% of its students are, before completing their studies, already employed. From year 2023 and onwards, it is expected that this figure shall, with the support of BALFIN as the principal shareholder, further increase, while entrepreneurship and financial support opportunities for top scoring and financial aided students shall develop.

TBU has been founded in 2010. BALFIN Group participation as a shareholder in 2014 has unfolded a new chapter for TBU ‘s development, namely the chapter of capacity multiplying for student internships and starting a professional career at the earliest possible during studies.

Tirana Business University is widely known as a University focused on quality and coordination of theory with practice, as an institutionally accredited university providing all study programs, and as being attentive to each and every student. In TBU, there have been graduated 12 student generations of Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees, and the 13th generation will shortly graduate. TBU provides Bachelor and/or Master studies in Business and Administration on the following profiles: Management, Accounting & Finance and Marketing and Law. The Faculty of Information Technology is a newly established faculty at TBU which shall be operational in the next academic year of 2023-2024, together with its bachelor and master programs, while other programs shall operate regularly.

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