Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Innovation: Pioneering the Business Landscape – Insights from the Digital Committee

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Innovation: Pioneering the Business Landscape - Insights from the Digital Committee

The Digital Committee’s experts have conducted a comprehensive analysis of the recent survey on Artificial Intelligence (AI) distributed among AmCham. The survey, which garnered participation from over 60% of the members, provided valuable insights into the familiarity and utilization of AI within businesses across the country.

Presenting the survey findings, Linda Shomo, Chair of the Digital Committee, led discussions on key insights and highlighted the level of familiarity among American Chamber of Commerce businesses with various AI forms, their usage in business operations, and the qualifications of their staff. These survey results will serve as a blueprint for the Committee’s work plan for the year, prioritizing issues related to digital training and organizing forums to address innovation and implementation challenges, featuring both local and international experts.

The gathering held at Holberton School provided Committee members with a platform to exchange their experiences in developing intelligent applications that are revolutionizing work processes across various business sectors. The creation of such applications and technological solutions, enabling CEOs to remotely manage their businesses, is becoming the cornerstone of the products they are developing, leading to a growing demand for skilled personnel. This tight integration between businesses and the education system underscores the importance of incorporating relevant curricula, a point emphasized during the event. There was a call for increased collaboration between schools, businesses, and the Ministry of Education to ensure the adoption of real-time knowledge among the emerging workforces.

“I firmly believe that the discourse surrounding AI application transcends borders, and the American Chamber of Commerce holds the potential to steer this dialogue within the business community, fostering the assimilation of cutting-edge developments and their ensuing advantages,” said Linda Shomo during the meeting.

In addition to discussing the potential “side effects” of AI usage, such as associated risks and cybersecurity threats and the risk of using uncertified devices and programs, the Committee also discussed the necessity of proper training for businesses to ensure safety.

Neritan Mullaj, Director of AmCham Albania, has tasked the Committee with drafting a prioritized agenda to address key issues throughout the year, ensuring their inclusion in the event calendar. This calendar will not only feature training sessions on cybersecurity and AI utilization but also lobbying endeavours aimed at harmonizing regulatory frameworks with those of the EU and fostering sectoral governance.

In 2024, the Committee’s ambit extends to collaborative ventures with recently established institutions such as the Innovation Agency, along with active participation in International Fairs focusing on technology and innovation.