“The Balkan Arbitration Conference 2022” in Albania

“The Balkan Arbitration Conference 2022” in Albania

The American Chamber of Commerce participated in a fantastic two-day conference “The Balkan Arbitration Conference 2022”, on September 29-30, 2022, where Dr. Jola Gjuzi, member of AmCham’s Trade and Investment Committee and partner at our member firm Kalo & Associates, had a key role as a member of the organizing committee along with the UK-based law firms LK Law and Red Lion Chambers, and the Kosovo-based law firm Sejdiu & Qerkini. This conference brought together excellent international legal and economic experts to discuss the implementation of arbitration internationally and in the Balkan countries.

As we mentioned before, Albania has drawn up a draft law on arbitration which has not been finalized yet. As part of the recommendations package initiated by the Chamber through the Investment Agenda, ensuring a minimum level of functioning of the justice system and handling cases of business disputes in an acceptable standard timeframe would make Albania one of the most attractive countries for foreign investors.

During the first day, panelists with the best expertise in the region and internationallydiscussed on arbitration , the management of delayed claims related to construction law (presented with a practical case), and the novelties from the third party funding industry.

The second day continued with a speech of the State Advocate-General of the Republic of Albania, Dr. Odise Moçka on arbitration issues from the State’s perspective. The other panels addressed highly intersting topics on  the enforcement of awards, the rules of key arbitration institutions, as well investment treaty arbitration, whereDr. Jola Gjuzi, partner at Kalo and Assosiates and member of AmCham’s Trade and Investment Committe, along with an Albanian state representative and international experts gave useful insights on key substantive matters investment treaty arbitration generally and in the Balkan region.

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