Intellectual Property Day brings AmCham  professionals together, Startups and protecting innovative ideas

Intellectual Property Day brings AmCham  professionals together, Startups and protecting innovative ideas

“Startups and intellectual property as an engine of innovation and economic development” — a workshop organized by the American Chamber of Commerce in Albania, the Legal, Regulatory and IPR Committee brought together the expertise of the best specialists in the field and representatives of institutions that draft and enforce intellectual property legislation.

In the framework of Intellectual Property Day and moderated by AmCham Executive Director Neritan Mullaj, a panel discussion was held on the role of intellectual property, especially when dealing with innovative business ideas. Those ideas — which make a business successful — need to be protected.

Ened Topi, a lawyer with Deloitte Albania, made a presentation on the symbiosis of startups and intellectual property, focusing on using IP to increase profits, especially in the context of doing business in the virtual world.

Oficina Innovation Hub Executive Director Arjan Ymeri spoke about his own experience working in the development of startups and the protection of ideas that give value to these businesses. Mr. Ymeri focused on the valorization of startups and SMEs through the identification and protection of their intellectual property as well as IP as an instrument for technology transfer.

The heads of the General Directorate of Industrial Property and the Copyright Directorate — Rovena Beqiraj and Borana Ajazi — also took part in the discussion, speaking about the best ways of doing business as a startup through implementing legislation aimed at protecting and growing this type of business.

Ms. Beqiraj explained that one of the main duties of the institution she leads is creating awareness of intellectual property through various activities as there are major shortcomings due to lack of information. She also spoke about  startup strategies on intellectual property as well as related financial instruments.

Ms. Ajazi’s presentation about the Copyright Directorate focused on its work on the promotion, registration and monitoring of intellectual property.

At the end of the panel discussion, there was a question and answer session, which identified startup awareness and financing  as the two main shortcomings in Albania in terms of intellectual property.

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