Implementing the recommendations of the Investment Agenda, AmCham establishes working groups

Implementing the recommendations of the Investment Agenda, AmCham establishes working groups

Representatives of the Committees and senior leaders of the Chamber discussed the practical implementation of the eight key issues of the Investment Agenda, an important part of which has been considered by the Ministry of Finance in the reform it is undertaking to improve the business climate.

President Enio Jaço, speaking with the chairmen and members of the Committees at AmCham, explained that the Investment Agenda is a professional product that has concretized the basic issues that the economy goes through and has been evaluated as such by the Ministry of Finance. Implementing this agenda with all its issues and recommendations is the number one priority for AmCham in 2022

Experts of the American Chamber of Commerce are expected to engage in implementation techniques by becoming part of the working groups being set up by the Ministry of Finance and Economy to implement the reform.

‘We should already get deeper into our proposals by suggesting what are the real interventions in procedures and legislation to enable the realization of those issues and recommendations that we have set in the Investment Agenda. Obviously, this requires your attention and commitment to end with success this process “_ said Mr. Jaço during the meeting.

AmCham Director Neritan Mullaj informed during the meeting that the Ministry of Finance has defined six topics for which working groups will be set up and they are economy, education, fiscal framework, anti-corruption program, structural reforms, and investments. The first three groups will be led by the Deputy Finance Ministers and the other groups by the cabinet members.

During the presentation of the reform at the meeting of the Investment Council, Minister Ibrahimaj informed that there are a total of 194 recommendations, which are categorized into 27 identified topics. According to the Ministry of Finance, the preparation of the work plan is intended to be achieved in early March, while its implementation is to be completed by the end of June. The drafting of the legal proposal and the consultation of them can be considered as implementation, in order for the recommendation to be implemented.

AmCham’s meeting with Committee members comes after the Extraordinary Meeting organized by the Investment Council with business organizations and stakeholders, to present the priority pillars of the intervention of the Ministry of Finance and Economy in improving the investment climate, following the recommendations of the IC and the business community.

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