HR Open Forum Days in AmCham

HR Open Forum Days in AmCham

DM Consulting speaks to AmCham members on robotics and the future of artificial intelligence in business

Technology and business walk hand in hand, and the future belongs to technology. The sooner businesses understand and embrace this approach, the more secure their place in the market will be. This was the foundation of discussion between Mr. Dritan Mezini of DM Consulting and the members of AmCham.

Mr. Mezini shared his expertise as information technology expert on the use of technology and its advantages., which he manages, relies heavily on information technology to develop the employment market and to extend its influence across the country and beyond. Meanwhile, Albania is not moving at the same pace as the technological developments in the world. “We speak different languages when it comes to technological developments and it can be said that we have  “non-communication” protocols with developed countries, for now,” said Mr. Mezini.

Silicon Valley offers another virtual reality, where the word ‘technology’ has surpassed human imagination. Words like ‘robotics’, artificial intelligence, etc., have become a normality, while we should hurry up to adapt to the developments. Mankind should face the reality. The theory that the development of artificial intelligence will bring about job cuts brings about fear and mankind should realize that there is no need for fear. For any technology development that requires the intervention of robots, new jobs controlled by people will be generated.

During his presentation, Mr. Mezini encouraged the attending AmCham members to start thinking about educating their employees on technological developments, as the only way to be competitive in the future. Technology developments are emerging from the market, creating new leading companies and “leaving behind” the old ones, and it seems that topping the list of the most profitable companies today are technology and IT-based companies.

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