General Assembly Meeting 2016

General Assembly Meeting 2016

The American Chamber of Commerce held yesterday the General Assembly, reviewing the activity of the previous year and voting to elect the Board of Directors. The participating members elected the Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and seven Board members.

All AmCham members were invited to participate in this election, and 15 candidates came forth to compete. Most of the candidates are citizens of the United States or represent U.S companies. U.S. Ambassador Donald Lu and the Minister of Economic Development Milva Ekonomi also participated in the event, presenting their greetings for AmCham members and sharing their thoughts on the business climate and on the latest economic developments in the country. Minister Ekonomi spoke about the efforts undertaken to ensure the success of strategic reforms which will lead to economic growth and will serve both business and investors.

Ambassador Lu thanked all those who have worked hard to advance the work of AmCham and reminded the participants of the ongoing, intensive work for judicial reform. “One of the issues that I have been discussing with many of you has been judicial reform, and you have told me that having a predictable, honest judicial system will make a big difference in growing your businesses.” said Lu. He continued by emphasizing that “serious judicial reform will attract major investment” and “will increase business confidence.”

During the meeting, the Executive Director of AmCham, Mr. Lorenc Gjoni spoke to the members about the activities of 2015 and presented the financial report. Over the past year, the number of members of the Chamber increased, and special efforts were made to manage finances responsibly, reducing administrative costs. He also presented the Year Book, an overview of the American Chamber and all the elements that make up the organization.

The meeting was attended by a high number of members who not only participated in the voting process, but also completed the annual survey to help direct the activities of the Chamber with their responses and comments.

In his recorded greeting for the Assembly, AmCham President Mark Crawford thanked the members for the high confidence they have demonstrated in AmCham and for their active participation, highlighting the increase in revenues without changing the annual membership fee, the essential role of the Committees of the Chamber, and the engagement of the Chamber in lobbying on behalf of its members with the aim of improving the business climate.

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