AmCham’s experts discussing on the Income draft law

AmCham's experts discussing on the Income draft law

A draft bill amending the Law on Income, on which the American Chamber of Commerce in Albania has made recommendations through its Investment Agenda, has not yet been submitted to business organizations for comment, and the delay in formally presenting this important draft law to citizens and businesses has raised concerns over the effectiveness of the public consultation process.

While a version of the draft law has been circulating in the media, it doesn’t seem to reflect AmCham’s recommendations, and the experts of AmCham’s Tax and Customs Committee are still waiting to receive the official version of the draft law, as promised on March 30. They need that version to see how AmCham’s recommendations are included in it and also to conduct a full and in-depth analysis of the draft law as part of a serious public consultation process.

AmCham’s experts have spent a lot of time to give the draft law the attention it deserves, as it is sensitive and has a comprehensive impact on citizens and businesses. In the recommendations sent to the government in 2021 through the Investment Agenda, AmCham specifically requested that the Law on Income should be drafted in a way that guarantees a stable and fair tax system, which is not changed every year through amendments to laws and regulations.

The latest meeting of the AmCham Tax and Customs Committee also served to discuss and update the work plan for the second half of 2022, to further develop work on the chamber’s main pillars, with special focus on advocacy and professional training.

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