AmCham, the Economic Office at the American Embassy, and FAS discuss:The expansion of American products in the Albanian agribusiness market.

AmCham, the Economic Office at the American Embassy, and FAS discuss:The expansion of American products in the Albanian agribusiness market.

Representatives from the agribusiness sector, who are members of the American Chamber of Commerce, engaged in a lively discussion with the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) team, specifically the Foreign Agricultural Service (FAS) Office in Rome. The primary focus was on exploring opportunities to expand the market for raw materials within the agribusiness sector and increase the export of “made in the USA” products within the region, including Albania.

AmCham Albania and the Economic Office at the American Embassy have joined forces with FAS to expand American exports by targeting Albania, based on the positive developments in the agriculture and agribusiness sector.

During the meeting, Regional Agricultural Attaché, Mr. Charles Rush, explained the U.S. government’s objective to broaden markets and present American production as a reliable source of raw materials for the agribusiness sector. While Albanian businesses frequently explore European and global markets to secure their raw materials, this meeting sought to inform them about potential, cost-effective suppliers in the American market who are actively considering collaboration and expanding their product offerings in this market. The question remained: how can this exchange of information and interest be facilitated?

The meeting effectively served this purpose, allowing AmCham members to not only discuss their specific business operations but also share insights about the markets they operate in, the challenges they encounter, and their interest in exploring alternative and more favourable markets. All AmCham members expressed keen interest in learning more about potential collaborations with American counterparts within the sectors they operate. One proposed approach is the formation of business groups participating in Trade Fairs in the United States, along with presentations in the Albanian market of these products through B2B meetings or promotional events, as well as the exchange of valuable information.

President of AmCham Albania, Enio Jaço, acknowledged the sector’s capabilities and emphasized the benefits that can arise from expanding markets and strengthening transatlantic cooperation with the strategic partner. He highlighted that developments in the tourism sector further enhance this collaborative potential. Executive Director Neritan Mullaj encouraged members to establish direct communication channels with the Chamber, which, in its role as a coordinator, can play a pivotal role in fostering partnerships between businesses in both countries.