AmCham Board meets with representatives of Democratic Party

AmCham Board meets with representatives of Democratic Party

The Board of American Chamber of Commerce met with high representatives of Democratic Party in a Working Breakfast to exchange of information on the expectations, issues of AmCham members.  The meeting was called by the Economic Development Unit of Democratic Party to include part of the issues in PD’s economic program.

Ms. Jorida Tabaku introduced the Democratic Party’s Economic Program, the fiscal amenities, sectorial incentives and economic policies that the political force will implement if it will govern.

AmCham President Mr. Enio Jaço highlighted ‘the importance of a healthier political-economic climate that foster development and spurs economic growth’.  The chamber emphasized a ‘rule-based, transparent investment framework, a stronger judicial system to solve business disputes and a bi-partisan need for a unified regional trade agenda’ that supports EU accession.

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