‘From the outset, my mission was clear: to bring European standards to Albania and to contribute to the shaping of our nation's economy by establishing businesses that bring the best in their respective industries. This vision has guided us through every step of our journey, from our humble beginnings to the thriving enterprise that Kastrati Group is today, successfully operating in seven industries.

I am incredibly proud of the incredible team of over 4000 employees who have dedicated themselves to our shared mission, each contributing their unique talents and unwavering dedication to our collective success.

As we continue to grow and evolve, I am thrilled to see our investments bringing transformative results, and more than in any company, our strategic investment in Tirana International Airport. Through this initiative, we are not only reshaping Albania's aviation industry but also positioning our country as a pioneer in the Western Balkans.

Our journey is far from over, and as we look to the future, we will remain truthful in our commitment to excellence, innovation, and the values that have guided us thus far. Together, we will continue to shape the future of Albania and expanding Albanian excellence beyond the borders, leaving a lasting legacy for generations to come.’

- Shefqet Kastrati, Founder, President
Kastrati Group.

About Kastrati Group 

Kastrati Group stands as a powerhouse across seven diverse industries. From fuel and energy to insurance, construction, tourism, automotive, and retail, each sector boasts the imprint of Kastrati Group's innovation and excellence. At the pinnacle, their stewardship of Tirana International Airport has rewritten Albania's aviation history, propelling TIA to unprecedented global acclaim, of overcoming with 230% growth of air traffic, comparing to 2019. In insurance and financial services, Albsig signifies trust and success. Their prowess in construction is marked by pioneering engineering and environmental standards, with the flagship construction Downtown 1, the first building in the word that hold a country’s map in its architecture. Collaborations with global hospitality giants like Hyatt and Hilton elevate Albania's tourism sector into an international arena. As the exclusive reseller of Mercedes-Benz, Kastrati Group brings the most loved automotive brand in Albania, advancing the automotive landscape. Meanwhile, Selita, their retail arm, redefines quality water with cutting-edge technology. Kastrati Group traces its roots back to 1991 with the establishment of Kastrati Oil by visionary founder Shefqet Kastrati. With over 150 selling points, Kastrati Oil reigns as Albania's largest chain of oil retail.

Kastrati Group has set the stage for an extraordinary progress which is now in the hands of more than 4000 employees who shape the group. With more than 110 million Euro investments only during 2023 and a significant contribution to Albania's GDP, Kastrati Group continues to shape the nation's economic landscape with vision and impact.

MakAlbania Hotel, Sheshi Italia, Tiranë 1000, Albania

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