“Gjonaj Group proudly operates internationally as an Albanian business corporation with Headquarters in Tirana. Our group has partnerships with the biggest corporations in the field of telecommunication, electricity generation and trading, gas & oil trading, and real estate in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and the Americas. 

With offices all around the Balkans, Europe, and the USA, we work to bring the best to our business partners, mostly on the B2B level.

Giving special importance to qualified human resources and an employee-oriented management approach, Gjonaj Group sticks to its economic, environmental, and social sustainability goals in all its business operations.”

Mr. Marin Gjonaj

Chairman of Board, Gjonaj Group Holdings

Business Profile

Gjonaj Group is present with its companies in 13 countries around the world in the fields of telecommunication, production and sales of energy, marketing (digital business services), real estate and hospitality, export and wholesale operations. A dynamic team of business professionals managing the companies of the Group, has created a long-term cooperation with global companies due to its ongoing operations in various regions of the world in more than 50 countries. Gjonaj Group develops novel business models that bring value to the countries and societies where it operates.

Companies of Gjonaj Group

INFOTelecom remains the biggest regional aggregator, specialized in building Telecommunication Platforms for Mobile Operators worldwide and active in wholesale services in SMS A2P, Roaming, Voice, and RCS between 400 Mobile operators all over the globe and more than 50+ Global Applications like META, Bigo, Google and others.

Its main activity is focused in Africa, Asia, and the Middle East. With more than 80 employees, INFOTelecom remains a leader in this industry in Europe serving globally the wholesale telecommunications industry. Mactal Corp, a subsidiary company of INFOTelecom, founded in 2017 in Florida, USA, with offices in New York City, successfully offers the same services as INFOTelecom, but exclusively in the US market, Canada, and South America. Mactal has shown potential growth in its business operation in this region.

Enertrade is today one of the most important companies of the Gjonaj Group with its main activity as wholesale in power electric energy supplying and purchasing. Enertrade is very active and one of the main trusted suppliers in Eastern Europe, from Hungary to Greece, including local licenses and offices in Serbia, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Albania, Kosovo, and North Macedonia under the name of ETMT.  In 2022 Enertrade, reached a breakthrough milestone, passing 200 000 MWh Portfolio per month average, becoming one of the biggest physical energy traders in the region. In 2024 Enertrade entered also into the retail electricity market in Albania and North Macedonia with a very fast growth, creating on the biggest portfolio in these countries.

Promarketing Albania & Italia is consolidated as an Albanian leader in digital business services, blending the best of advanced technology with human empathy BPO. Founded in September 2011, ProMarketing involves multiple steps, inputs, outputs, and dependencies. The primary goal is to cut costs, free up time, and focus on core aspects of the business. Located between Albania and Italy to ensure the best of customer needs, ProMarketing collaborates exclusively with Vodafone Italy and Windtre Italy as one of the most pivotal players and has more than 300 employees.

ProBroker is a real estate brokerage firm and investment firm of Gjonaj Group operating at the national level in Albania, that offers a wide range of services to clients in the field of real estate. The success in the market is based on the company’s experience, professionalism, and comprehensive approach to assisting clients throughout various real estate transactions and processes.

Top Fruits (ex-Doni Fruits Albania) is the biggest company in Albania on export and wholesale operations in fruits and vegetables to EU markets. Over the years, the company has cultivated a robust reputation both domestically, regionally, and internationally. Top Fruits is the latest entry in Gjonaj Group Holdings through a merger and acquisition process finalized in November 2023.

ALB Solar - Gjonaj Group Holdings, in addition to the trading of electricity in Albania and the region, is also focused on the production of energy from renewable sources, thus completing its portfolio in this field. We accelerated our work on the construction of photovoltaic parks for projects such as ALB Solar 1, ALB Solar 2, Green Vitality, etc. The latest project of ALB Solar 3 is the construction and management of the second largest park in Albania “Green Nat Solar Park Ballsh” with a power of 100 MW.

Digicom established its dominance as a telecommunication player in Albania with its subscriptions to Triple-Play services: Fiber Internet, TV, and Fix Telephony. In 2023, Digicom has reached nearly 40 000 subscribers nationally ranking itself as the third Broadband Fix Operator in Albania as per customer base and absolutely the biggest one in Fiber Customer Base under the management of our partner ATU, as the main shareholder of Digicom.

Lake Drive “Rooms & Apartments” has successfully introduced Airbnb Luxury to Tirana, establishing itself as a prominent player in the market. Founded in June 2021, the establishment exclusively caters to customers through Airbnb and Booking through 17 Rooms and 10 Apartments.

Park Gate Building, Rr. e Elbasanit, Nr. 1, Tiranë, Albania