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The DUX bed, the revolutionary sleeping system, is one of the world’s top elite luxury brands. It is now available in Albania exclusively through DUXIANA International AB. Four generations of Sweden’s Ljung family have followed the vision of Efraim Ljung, the founder of the company who in 1926 started on a difficult mission to turn the DUX bed into the best place for regeneration. Ninety years later, that vision is a reality, and now thousands of users – including many renowned people – Hollywood stars like Robert De Niro and Leonardo DiCaprio, political leaders like Bill Clinton and Tony Blair, singers like Madonna and Paula Abdul, sports stars like David Beckham and Tiger Woods, as well as 7-star hotels like Burj Al Arab in Dubai and dozens of royal families around the world all use these beds, becoming its best brand ambassadors.

The sleeping experience provided by a DUX bed is not simply regeneration through the latest technology or something between experience and the desire to try new things – these elements are all intertwined together, offering much more. It can be said with full conviction: This bed is a miracle! If you ask what makes this bed so special, then we’d like to tell you: It is unique — in the real sense of the word. It is impossible to find anything similar to the beds stamped with the DUX logo, because the Ljung family business, promoting innovation, has decided to manufacture in-house every part and spring of the bed, including building the manufacturing machines themselves, to guarantee quality and continuous improvements. A bed like this is impossible to duplicate, because it is unique in every detail and in every spring. A DUX bed has 5,000 springs, made from about 3 kilometers of steel wire, part of a unique formula that comes from the processing of a special stone mined in the Garphyttan mountains in central Sweden. Likewise, the wooden frame is made from unprocessed Nordic pines, which, as they grow at very low temperatures, have a special hardness. Also, the pillows that accompany the bed are filled with natural feathers and fine sutures, to create an unrivaled sleeping experience. Everything is produced by respecting the cycles of nature and its species. This bed has fairy tales in it, which is maybe why sleeping on is so sweet! A study by the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, the famous medical university that awards the Nobel Prize for Medicine and Physiology, carried out tests to certify the DUX bed, and it confirmed that people who sleep on DUX beds fall asleep faster and stay longer in deep sleep, which is the only phase where true regeneration of the body takes place! The DUX bed comes to Albania exclusively from DUXIANA International AB, represented by an Albanian-American couple, Saimir and Linda. In love with the DUX bed for years, the couple had a chance to meet the company’s president, Mr. Ljung, at one of the DUXIANA shops in Manhattan, and immediately started to plan on opening an office for the brand in Albania. The bed is currently being shown at suites and the lobby of the Rogner Hotel, where the administrator of the brand can also conduct in-person meetings to provide more information on DUXIANA products. This is an exclusive opportunity to wake up every day with the feeling that you have been reborn and return home late in the evening with the idea that something soft is waiting for you to take you back to another night of fairy tales.

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