Building our Future Together

- Mario Bracci - Antea Cement

Business Highlights

ANTEA cement plant is one of the biggest ‘greenfield’ investments with the highest standards applied in terms of construction and operation in Albania and a total value exceeding € 200 million. To ensure energy efficiency and environmental effectiveness, the plant was constructed with the best available technologies. ANTEA has a cement plant in Albania and owns two cement terminals in Tirana and Ortona. It has a production capacity of 1.4 million/ton cement yearly and 3,300 ton/clinker per day. The cement plant is located 50 km from the capital, Tirana and is positioned in Boka e Kuqe, Borizane. The plant serves primarily local market demands and exports to other markets in the region.

Brand elements and services for the market

Our products and services are used in various activities, ranging from major infrastructure projects (roads, bridges, airports, hospitals, schools, etc.) to residential housing, commercial buildings and social projects. Apart from transporting and distributing our products, we transfer our know-how and expertise through collaborations with our customers, business partners, local communities and academia.

Their products

Cem I /42.5 R

Portland Cement with the main constituents 95-100% Clinker and minor additional constituents 0-5% Gypsum

Cem II / A-LL 42.5 R

Portland Limestone Cement with the main constituents 80-94% Clinker, 6 -20% Limestone and minor additional constituents 0-5% Gypsum.

Cem II / B-LL 32.5 R

Portland Limestone Cement with main constituents 65-79% Clinker, 21-35% Limestone and minor additional constituents 0-5% Gypsum.

TITAN Group is an international cement and building materials producer with 119 years of industry experience and commitment to sustainable growth and serving customers in more than 25 countries through a network of 14 integrated cement plants and three cement grinding plants. ANTEA is the subsidiary of the Group coordinating the operations which is one of the largest manufacturers of building materials and applies the highest international standards in Albania.

The integrated operations of ANTEA Cement Plant include two cement terminals, in Tirana and Ortona. The cement plant is located 50 km from the capital city, Tirana, and is positioned in Boka e Kuqe, Borizanë. The main activities of ANTEA Cement include the production and distribution of cement with a capacity of 3,300 ton/clinker per day obtaining 1.4 million/ton cement yearly.  

Our values are at the core of who we are; they guide our strategy and provide the foundation for all our operations. They have supplied our people with a strong bond and supported the growth that has sustained us for over a century, stemming directly from the principles, beliefs, and vision of our founders back in 1902. They remain the solid basis of our culture and family spirit.

TITAN Group is among the first cement companies worldwide with decarbonization targets validated by the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi). Addressing climate change remained at the top of sustainability agenda for TITAN Group and ANTEA, as Ahead of COP26, TITAN Group signed the “Business Ambition for 1.5°C” Commitment letter, joining leading companies seeking to keep warming to 1.5°C and reach net-zero emissions by 2050. At ANTEA we seek to grow by transforming our business, focusing on resilience and innovation to serve our customers more efficiently as we move towards a carbon-neutral world. Our decarbonization strategy includes a comprehensive set of levers to reduce emissions of cement production, while offering new innovative products to our customers that will meet their needs for durable and sustainable building materials, leveraging the Group’s unique assets and competencies.

Titan ESG targets focus on four pillars: Decarbonization and digitalization; Growth-enabling work environment; Positive local impact; and Responsible sourcing, all underpinned by good governance, transparency, and business ethics.

At ANTEA, we promote a culture of openness, transparency, and accountability, which is essential to safeguarding good governance and integrity. We are committed to implement and monitor our ESG performance, utilizing both global and sector-specific sustainability standards, and communicating the progress made to our stakeholders in a transparent manner.

We have continued to strengthen and refresh our Sustainability Strategy, inspiring a better world of inclusion & equity; protecting the environment; and supporting our communities. Our community engagement plans were aligned with the material issues for our stakeholders and the UN SDGs 2030.

Energy efficiency, the conscious use of raw materials and fossil fuels and their replacement with alternative ones, and the implementation of efficient waste management systems are proven means of adding value throughout the value chain as well as providing waste management solutions at a local level. ANTEA thoroughly monitors energy consumption and efficiency to reduce its environmental footprint and curtail costs. As energy management is intricately connected to the sector’s decarbonization roadmap, as well as resource efficiency, the investments during the plant construction phase were performed in low energy demand equipment and in energy efficiency management.

ANTEA Cement successfully addressed the challenges of cement demand both in the domestic and export markets and capitalized its result on such demand. At the same time, ANTEA remained focused on the enduring objective of balanced, responsible, and sustainable long-term growth, embracing change as an organization, and innovating at an accelerated pace.


“Rruga Durresit” Pallati mbrapa Ring Center, K.1 - 1001 Tirane (AL), PO BOX 1746