AmCham Member’s News – Iute Credit

AmCham Member's News - Iute Credit

During the world pandemic situation created by COVID-19, IuteCredit Albania could not remain indifferent. Every year, IuteCredit uses a part of its annual profits to help the most vulnerable groups of our society and this is exactly what they have done during this period.

The financial institution has undertaken three different initiatives.

First, IuteCredit Albania donated to the Hospital Center “Mother Teresa” medical equipment for the Reanimation Department of the Infectious Diseases Hospital, where those affected by COVID-19 are being treated. These devices will facilitate the work of doctors to monitor the vital parameters of the patients in this department.

Second, IuteCredit joined the “Fundjavë Ndryshe” foundation to help 100 families in need in the cities of Elbasan and Durrës, donating packages with enough consumer products for a month.

Third, they have supported the initiative of the Municipality of Tirana “Adopt a Grandparent” by adopting as an institution not one, but 50 grandparents in the # 9 Administrative Unit, helping them and staying close to them in these difficult days.

“We feel we have a moral obligation to help those in need in such difficult times. We hope that the entire business community will know how to be a good example by being in solidarity with the people in need, to collectively overcome this health and economic crisis “, – says IuteCredit Albania.

AmCham is proud of its members.

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