PrinTec Albania (Cyprus) Limited

  • Representative: Adrian Shehu
  • Membership: Big Business
  • Address: Rruga Kuvajt, Embassy of Peace Building, Kati 0 & Kati 1, Tirana
  • Contact: [email protected]
  • Website:
  • Main Business Activity: Solutions and Services provider for the Financial Institutions, Telco Industry, Large Retailers, Petroleum Companies, Government Organizations (Public & Private Sectors) Official Business Partner of: NCR Corporation / VeriFone / FICO / Qmatic, GLORY, OBERTHUR, DormaKaba, CISCO and others.

Company Overview: Printec is a leader in business-to-customer transaction technologies in 15 countries in Central and Eastern Europe, offering a wide range of technology solutions that help improve human interactions, making everyday life easier. Through their wide range of technology solutions and services they enable businesses to leverage innovative technology in order to provide superior customer experience and at the same time achieve operational efficiencies and regulatory compliance.