Kastrati Group

  • Representative: Ornela Bego
  • Membership: Premium
  • Address: Hotel MakAlbania, Sheshi Italia, Tirana
  • Contact: [email protected]
  • Website: https://www.kastrati.al
  • Main Business Activity: Holding. Insurance. Construction. Infrastructure. Energy Retail.

Company Overview: Kastrati Group stands as a powerhouse across seven diverse industries. From fuel and energy to insurance, construction, tourism, automotive, and retail, each sector boasts the imprint of Kastrati Group's innovation and excellence. Kastrati Group has set the stage for an extraordinary progress which is now in the hands of more than 4000 employees who shape the group. With more than 110 million Euro investments only during 2023 and a significant contribution to Albania's GDP, Kastrati Group continues to shape the nation's economic landscape with vision and impact.