Bindi Sh.p.k.

  • Representative: Hysen Ruka
  • Membership: Big Business
  • Address: Rr. Vaso Pasha, Nr. 8, Kati 4, Ap. 10, Tirana
  • Contact: [email protected]
  • Website:
  • Business Sector: Commerce, Wholesale and Retail;Consulting-Business;Communications;Consulting-Engineering Projects;Construction

Overview: Bindi ShPK (LLC) has been established in 1997 by a sole shareholder with headquarter in Tirana, Albania. The Company is well known on the local market for its deliverables among years of work. Nowadays Bindi has a large portfolio of solutions and products as well as affiliations and partners in national and international grounds. The company offers a large scale of resources by being able to satisfy different range of demands on the market starting from human resources, fixed assets, logistics and transportation up to several options of business financing.