B.A.D. Sh.p.k.

  • Representative: Enkeleda Hasanaj
  • Membership: Big Business
  • Address: Rr. e Kavajës, Pallati BAJA-BAD Kati IX, Tirana
  • Contact: [email protected]
  • Website:
  • Main Business Activity: Import-Export, Trade of heating systems, generators, building materials. Electronic equipment, laboratory and medical equipment, audio-visual equipment.

Company Overview: B.A.D. Sh.p.k. was established in 2002 in the field of trade and construction. The company has reached its peak and has been a leader for many years in the field of generator systems in Albania. Also, in the field of construction has committed venture under its budget by 100 percent of the value that has been successful from every point of view (design, construction, management, sales). They have won a series of open competition tenders. From 2011 until now, B.A.D. focuses on the concession of the BOT form (Build-Operate-Transfer) negotiated in 2012 between METE (currently the Ministry of Industry and Energy) and B.A.D., which has been successfully completed. As described above, many years of experience in different fields make B.A.D. Sh.p.k. an ideal partner for cooperation.