• Representative: Aulona Hoxha
  • Membership: Big Business
  • Address: Autostrada Tiranë-Durrës, afër City Park, Gjokaj, Tirana
  • Contact: [email protected]
  • Website:
  • Main Business Activity: Organization of fairs, social and corporate events, conferences, forums, competitions. Rental of outdoor space. Cultural & entertainment activities, Promotional service.

Company Overview: Auto-City which operate with the brand Expocity Albania is an International Exhibition and Conference Center. Expocity organizes and conducts various trade fairs, exhibitions, B2B, and special events in local and international markets. In addition, Expocity’s expertise and infrastructure are used for other congress, seminar and conference events. Over the past years, Expocity was grown consistently, focusing on the most vital sectors of the economy. During these years they successfully doubled out revenues, heading into 2023 with the same ambition to expand regionally and internationally by launching events in the international markets.